Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Tuesday

Imagine that!
I actually get to do a random Tuesday post, 
on a random Tuesday!
Here's the thing-no matter what day it is,
when I random gift people, or random happy note people,
I always say, "Happy Random Tuesday!"
Because I can.

Remember Yan yan?
Well my mom is super cool, and she reads my blog.
And she bought me the very next best thing:

If you have never had this, then are not quite fully aware of what you are missing.
*random shout out to my floor-it always makes the best background*

Oh, oh ,oh!
Remember that post about epic friends?
We are revisiting that, because a friend totally made my day,
and gifted me this WWI era helmet:

My brain would not let my face stop smiling.

And, in case you are wondering, the hats belonged 
to my Great Grandmother. They are pretty
close to around the same time period, and I've had them for ages.
I've always wanted to display them in my room,
but I never could figure out a good way to do it.

But! It trouble me no more, for I plan to hang them on my wall,
opposite the helmet, on either side of this framed pic of my dad in Boot Camp.
*my room always looks blue in pictures...*
So when you walk into my room, the first thing you see are some of 
my favorite things.
*hum it now, I dare you*
If you have any idea on how to actually get them to stay on my wall,
be sure to let me know!

I am stoked about having real articles of history so nearby,
rather fitting for a soon-to-be graduating History major, right?

Okay! Parting random thought:
You know how when your legs are super sore,
and your brain is like, 
'it would be hilarious if you fell right now'
and you do, but it isn't near as funny as your brain thought it would be?
I hate that.

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