Thursday, January 1, 2015

Can People Change?

Can people change?
That as the question for today in my 5-year Q&a journal.
Can people change......
This blog is becoming more of personal conversation
with myself than anything, so why don't we discuss it?
Good, we all agree, let's do it.
I am not turning into Gollum, I promise...I do tell myself to shut up
quite frequently, but the similarities end there.

Back to the question though.
Can people (in my opinion) change?
I don't know.....
Well, yes. And also, no.
I'm inclined to answer "no" straightaway, but I am
forever an optimist and have to squeak the "yes" in, for hope and all that.
However, I don't know if people can really change that much.
At least not alone. True salvation can change your desires,
your heart, and open your conscience to reprimanding,
thus eliciting a new behaviour and attitude.
Outside of that though? Not really.
I don't know about all this change.
I believe that people can develop. 
They can become a better version, or worse version of themselves really.
It's a constant battle, that tricky "change". 
Trying to overcome that almost constant desire to fall back
on old habits. I believe habits can be overcome. 
I have overcome bad habits.
I am battling bad habits, that prayerfully, I will overcome. 
We are constantly developing characteristically, spiritually.
Are we changing though? 

I mean, I am not the same person I was two years ago, am I?
Five years ago, ten?
Hmmmm. yes. I am.
And also, no.
I am older, sure. I have more "life experience" (yay life).
I've developed as a person. 
Not really changed though.
I've had variables influencing me, constant things influencing me.
But I still hate cornbread, and I love the stars.
I'm still Katie, with blonde unfriendly hair.
I love Jesus, and I try to please Him,
really He's the only one I have the desire to please anymore.
I'm still that competitive little first grader at heart,
who rallies at the sight or sound of injustice...
(side note-a kid stole my candy bar in first grade and I wasn't fond of him ever after that,
also, I punched a boy for kissing me on the playground)
I'm rambling aren't I?
Oh well. Go away if you're bored.
Not really, please come back!!! 
Yeah, I'm also a people-person. That hasn't changed.
I want people to be happy. I don't like stepping on toes.
But get me wound up about something, and there will always be an
exception to that. 

So, can people change, is there hope for us? 
What is change? Is it "180 degrees, I don't even recognize you'?
Or is it a niggly little thing that etches away at us?
Or is it different for everyone?
I don't know. I still haven't answered the question....maybe I'll leave it blank this year....