Monday, September 30, 2013

I got my computer *insert coolness here*

It's identical to the one I had before, with a few minor improvements.
Improvements are always nice.
So, I decided I should post. Because you have to break in the keyboard somehow.
Have ya'll heard of the GoFish guys? their songs are *mostly* cute. The movie "Christmas with a Capital 'C'" was based on one of their songs. They are on YouTube.
 The more recent stuff is bleh, but the older stuff is good. I never like to buy CDs though, because I only like one or two of the songs on the whole disc, so it seems like a waste.....
Sorry if there are typos today! It's cause *I'msosmart* and I sliced a couple fingers on an arrow last night. I'm such a dork when I get hurt. You know, when you get a clean cut,
you can't feel it at first. My first thought is always:
"When I start feeling that-it's gonna hurt."
Anyways my dad was trying to get it wrapped up,
and reminding me that he told me it was sharp,
and amidst the, "Hold that. Pressure, put pressure.
There's two cuts? Here, put this on it,
hold your arm above your head. Are you okay?",
from both of my parents, I was like,
"I think I bled on your rug."
Told ya I was a dork.
Not really sure where I was going with this one.
How common.
I guess what we can all take from this is this:
Christmas is an amazing time, and things that are sharp have potential to cause bleeding.
Therefore, never put glass ornaments on a Christmas tree when there are small children in your house. Because those things are not shatterproof.
Well, that was fun! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Water, water.......everywhere


And hey! We even have water to drink!

So, guess what?! Our house really likes water.

A lot.

Enough to flood once from the inside, dampening the back of the house. But that wasn't good enough! The rest of the house felt left out, so during a fantastic downpour, we had water seep over the foundation. But! No fear. Because a five gallon bucket of water is far lighter than a five gallon bucket of mud. I would know because I had to lug both around until the water went down. Which took surprisingly longer than I expected it to.

But we finally got all dried out. I hoped. But, alas, the tale didn't end until something was ruined. Namely my laptop. Which was left on the livingroom floor, because, I learned about that in preschool. When I was three. *I'msosmart*. And it got doused with a water bottle.

So until my new-to-me laptop comes, I probably won't be posting much. Hopefully it will be here soon though.

Until then, you could always go jump in some puddles. Because that's fun. I like how, when it rains, there's always that moment of hesitation, when you try to decide if you want to stay as dry as possible, or if you want to risk looking like a dweeb to run shouting through the rain, and try to catch rain drops in your mouth, and pounce in mud puddles. Usually, the "stay dry because if you don't you'll get all wet" part of me wins out, because up north the rain was freezing, and frequent. But here it is funner, because you don't catch hypothermia just to have some fun.

Stay hydrated!

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

The best is yet to come.......

And hey! This post has nothing to do with Frank Sinatra, or music at all!

Bummer, right?

This was actually suposed to be a post about a personal account from a POW during WWII.

But then I was sewing a costume, and I started thinking about how to do my formerly mural idea on a canvas.

Then I started thinking about that mural in UP.

You know, the one Ellie paints over the fireplace? Ever since the first time I watched that movie, I have loved the murals she does. (The nursery, and Paradise Falls)  Something about the blues, and the fact that she makes an adventure out of everything is just inspiring.

I love her enthusiasm. Especially the one scene where she pops back up at the window, and yells "ADVENTURE'S OUT THERE!!!!"

And the wedding
And the mailbox.
And the jar with spare change.
And the cloud gazing.

And the fact that she filled all her "Stuff I'm Gonna Do" pages up, even though she never made it to Paradise Falls.

Even though she isn't a central character per say, I would definitely say she was my favorite.

And the dog. The dog is funny.

So, I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, except with the thought that anything, anything at all, can be an adventure. It just depends on how you look at it.

Laugh or cry I guess.

I almost inhaled a moth.

That was gross.

But hey, adventure's out there.

You just have decide when to acknowledge it. I think I have missed a lot of adventures, just for the sake of nervousness. Or shyness. Or whateverness. In Alaska, it was like torture for me to have to run in to the post office and check the mail. Not that I hated mail. Who doesn't like mail? I just didn't like to go in, and I would always hope that Mom or Dad didn't have packages coming so I wouldn't have to go to the counter and talk to the person.

Because mail people will talk you to death.

But just think! It could have been a great adventure! I could have met a cool person, or at least seen a stranger who had order some weird item from the States, instead of just staring at the floor and listening to the people talk.

So. That may be stretching it a bit. But you get the gist. And by the way, I mostly grew out of the *awkwardpleasedon'ttalktome* phase.

Have fun. Those two words have so much potential. Because when it comes to fun, there really aren't a ton of rules. You just sort of run into it along the way.

So go get some ice cream, sit on the curb and count cars with a friend. Make sure you get plenty messy, and sit right in the sun. You'll have fun. :)


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Monday, September 16, 2013

Real quick.

Ok, this post has to be super fast.
Because I am going to take a test Wednesday,
and I'm not 100% sure I'm ready yet.

I just heard the most awful news.

They are re-making the Sound of Music!!!!

I was like-WHAT?
You can't top the classics.
No way, no how.

Julia Andrews was amazing as Maria.
Guess who they got for Maria.

Go ahead. Guess.
Carrie Underwood.


They can't do this,
but they will anyway of course.  

I bet they do Fiddler on the Roof next.
*sigh* I will not watch it.
If I ever watch a remake, I will sit there, and complain about how 
it isn't true to the original. Because the original is always best.

 These are my favorite movies. 
And now they will be ruined by remakes.

I feel like the kids in the first half :(
 Unfortunately Julia Andrews won't be allowed to
come singing onto the set and save future generations
from having to watch remakes.


Friday, September 13, 2013

"We Got Three 'R's'........."

We went to a HUGE consignment sale yesterday.
(Hence the Jack Johnson inspired title)
It was kids clothes, and maternity clothes,
and toys and baby cribs, strollers, bouncers etc.
It was overwhelming.
When you walk in, it seemed really calm, and like there wasn't a ton of stuff there,
but then you round the corner, and there was a hallway and 2 huge rooms filled with stuff.
 Shopping isn't my thing. I usually respond in two different ways,
I either, 
1) Freak out, remind myslef I hate shopping, and decide I'm done.
2) I force myself to focus on finding whatever it is I'm shopping for.

Fight or flight.
Ok, maybe not that bad....

OH! They had shoes too.
Lots and lots of shoes.
Mostly for kids.

But they had "big people" shoes too!
So I definitely looked through them.
(Like I need more shoes)
They were super on sale though, so I got some.

Classic, gone flowery. 
They are so whimsical, and they cost 7.50,
which is a score for real Converse.

Hooray for shoes with no heels!
And for dots. 
And the autumn gold yarn that looks so 
fantastic with these shoes.
Oh! And hooray for 6.00, which is how much these cost.

These were the best deal.
2 bucks for flats with zipper bows?
Sure, why not.
I didn't know that was a zipper before I bought them,
but I thought "Hey, I sew."
So, it's kinda fitting.

SO!  15.50 for three new pairs of shoes.
Yup. Forget you, shoestore. We shop used.

"reuse....we gotta learn to reuse..."
and then something about juice, and grocery sacks.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Can you give an answer?

1 Peter 3:15

"But sanctify the Lord God in you hearts,
and be ready always to give an answer to every
man that asks you a reason of the hope in you
with meekness, and fear."

If someone came to you, with three minutes left of their life,
would you be able to give an answer for the hope that is in you?

Would you be able to explain to them that we have all broken
God's Law (the 10 Commandments, found in Exodus 20),
and, held to God's holy standard we are all deserving of 
eternity in Hell. 
But Jesus came to earth as a ransom for us,
because He is perfect, and had never broken God's Law,
He is the only sacrifice that could be redeemed for
the things we have done wrong. 
The story doesn't stop there though.
You have to repent (reject and sincerely apologize for 
the things you have done to break God's Law)
and put your faith in Jesus to save you
from Hell, in the same way that you 
would put on a parachute to save you.

Not sure how to share your faith?
Check out this book from Living Waters:


If you are not a Christian, but you would like some
more info, go here

Thanks for coming by!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Girls Who Write"

Someone recently posted a link on the CollegePlus Forums that sent me to a recent post about Girls Who Write. You can find it here

Well, now. I'm a girl. And technically, I write. Not just for my blog. My blog is like a fun ramble zone where I can just let everything out and make up words and say whatever I want. My blog is where I can talk. Which is why I center my text, because it is more conversational, and less informative looking.

And yes, I just totally made that up, I center my text because I want to, and it's my blog, so I can do what I want....within reason.

So this post, was written by a girl. A girl who, presumably, writes. Who knows what she writes, I only read the one post. But it caught my fancy. Because some of it is so very true. But, again, some of it is not. So I would like to quote some snippets of it here, and of course, it will be followed by opinion, because I can do what I like, remember?

Here we go:
"You’ve heard all the clich├ęs about girls who write. Usually we’re stereotyped as glasses-wearing, book-lugging, ridiculously shy nerds with too many cats and next to zero social skills. While some (or all!) of this may be true, there is so much more to us."

Okay, I found this descriptive, but untrue. Just to be fair, when someone says, "That girl is a writer." I think about Jo from Little women, and her animated portrayal of Rodrigo.

"Girls who write see the world through different eyes.
We notice things you don’t. Our eyes caught a glimpse of the tiny scar on the end of your chin and we thought up fantastical stories about how it got there. We noticed the old man on the bench with his faded red baseball cap and leathery tan hands, and we imagined the woman he was waiting for. Every whistle, every hum, every giggle reached our ears, and we knew there was a tale behind it. We see the stories behind everything, and we long to tell them."

So, I like how this makes me feel like I have superpowers. But that feeling only lasts about 30 seconds because then I remind myself that it isn't completely true. While I do have a tendency to develop stories about people, I do not do it obsessively, as in always, or constantly. Mostly when I am in line at WalMart wasting 10 years of my life so I can buy some bananas.

"Girls who write are distracted by everyday details.
Everything reminds us of a book–a story–a character. We zone out in line at the grocery store. We forget to take notes during lectures. We doodle on the edges of programs, bookmarks, and shopping lists. If you try to have a conversation with us, we might blink suddenly at the mention of a funny name or a pretty picture or interesting quote. We’re imagining how we can use it. How we can take these everyday details and moments and shape them into our own stories to share with the world."

Told ya. Those WalMart lines get to the best of us. Now, not everything reminds me of something....generally speaking. So don't worry, I won't freak out if you don't fit into a book. But I will probably read a book and stop mid-sentence because you remind me of the character. Also, I love art, but I've never honed my doodling skills, so that is not true for me...bummer, I hear doodling is pretty great. I'm more like, let's go to the museum and copy the Degas. Again, I do not try to fit people into my own stories either. I have tried before, and always stop at the thought, "WHAT IF THEY READ IT, AND THEY KNOW IT'S THEM?!" That would be awkward.

"Girls who write will love you and use you.
We view life through a romanticized haze. Every new friend is a best friend. Every adversary is a crushing foe. Every crush is the start of a beautiful romance. It’s not that we’re trying to be dramatic or sentimental. It’s just that we love genuinely love people. Everyone is a character, and we understand that everyone around us has hopes, dreams, fears, and doubts. We want to fix everyone’s problems and develop everyone’s lives. We love deeply because we care deeply. We know that a book isn’t made up entirely of a main character, but that everyone else is just as important. And so we fret and worry about the people around us because we want to make a difference in their lives, too. We will prod and tease and encourage and love you, and then we will use you in our stories because you make us smile. And you just have to be okay with that."

I disagree with most of this paragraph. The pendulum she describes sounds intense and frightening. She kind of makes a mountain out of a molehill here in the first few sentences. However, I think people who write have the tendency to try to sympathize with everyone, and choose "sides" as infrequently as possible. I want everyone to be happy, and right, and loving all the time. But I also know that isn't life. In life, people are irritating, funny, weird, frustrating and fantastic all at once.  Also, I hate the last sentence, "You just have to be okay with that." I would be un-okay with that.

"Girls who write will laugh at anything.
We see the humor in silly little everyday moments because we know that tension needs humor and life needs laughter. We might squeal when you soak us with your spilled bottle of coke, but we think it’s funny that you ran out of napkins to help us clean up and are using your sweater to absorb the liquid on the ground. We might be irritated that you’re running half an hour late to pick us up, but we enjoyed watching the two boys hanging upside down on the playground, shouting at each other in Scottish accents and pretending to be pirates. We don’t get embarrassed easily, and we’re quick to laugh at our own mistakes because we know that failures are part of what makes us human."

All this is true. I laughed tonight like a crazie, just because someone told me that their lil sib called them a Dinglehopper. I mean, just the sound of the words together make me smile. Right. Smiling at my computer. My computer can't even smile back. So, the only thing that isn't true here, is the whole "we don't get embarrassed easily" thing. Untrue for me. Being embarrassed is like the worst thing you could do to me.

"Girls who write will change your world–slowly, sneakily, and beautifully.
We’ll wake you up and force you to sit on the porch with us as the sun rises. We’ll drag you through musty old book stores in search of Steinbeck novels and beat up volumes of poetry. We’ll always take too long to tell you about our day, because everything will seem like an adventure. But then we’ll ask about yours with genuine and curious interest. We might forget to give you a birthday card, but we will write you sweet notes on random Tuesdays and always describe you to our friends in the warmest way. We’ll take you on a journey and maybe, just maybe, you will love every heart-pounding, breathless, spontaneous, meticulous, odd moment of it."

I would never force people to watch the sun rise with me. That would ruin the environment. It's like on Peep and the Big Wide World, when they tried to hear the sun set, and Quack would not be quiet. I would go through an old bookstore, but I would look for Agatha Christie before a book of poetry. RANDOM TUESDAY NOTES?! Other people do that?  So cool. 

Yeah, well that's the end. So much for snippets, but I couldn't take it all apart, you just had to read it in context for it to make any sense at all.

In conclusion (how official those words sound)
Girls who write can be quirky and fun and weird. They can also be dorks and want to have fantastic adventures and do spontaneous things, just because they read somewhere that it was possible.

So remember-
If you read it in a book written before 1984, it is possible.

Yup. that was a little literary joke.

Makin' stuff......or not

AGH! My sewing machine is going berserk.
I wanted to freak out for about five minutes.
Ok, more than five.
But I didn't. Not really.
Deep breaths do NOT count as freaking out.

It couldn't have better timing.

With orders to process and a sewing class to teach,
I wanted to take some time and do a
quick project. Something to give me a break
from the black fleece and creature power discs.

Something fun.

And my something fun was going to double as
the sewing class's next project.
*score for multipurposey things*

So, see these shoes?

These are my pirate shoes.
So called for their pirate-y stripes and colors, I suppose.

bleh. a moth just flew in my face.
bugs are gross.

Back to the project.
I got these shoes at the Thrift Store for a couple bucks, and they were
worth it. The first time I wore them, my little brother said,
"Hey! Where'd you get the pirate shoes?!"

So, my shoes inspired my project.
And my project has absotively nothing to do with shoes!
Fantastic, right?

I was at WalMart, and they were having a fabric sale.
These shoes started a bargin trend I suppose.

So I grabbed two fabrics

And they don't really match. But then again,
they do.
Confusing, no?

So, I got the fabric, and I wanted to make a
tote bag for our sewing class, and lay the fabric this way

And in the end, this is really just a long teaser post of projects to come
hopefully at some point in the future before my machine dies.

But the fabric is great, isn't it?!
I think the skinny-to-big stripes are cool.
And the blue and red stripes are piratey.

Like my shoes =]