Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stuff I Miss

Today I went on a spree.
And I called it the "stuff I miss about Alaska" spree.
This isn't just your normal "I miss mountains, I miss snow, I miss the ocean."
list. This goes so far beyond that. This is the list
of amazing things you cannot buy in this deprived Southern town.
If some one here traded places with an Alaskan, then they would miss...
Wendy's. and Burger King. and.....fried breaded things *joking* 
Disclaimer: this list is not intended an insult to Southern folk anywhere.
This is just a list of fun things that were up North that are pretty unheard of down here.

NUMBER ONE on my list
is Spring Rolls from Peter's Oriental in the Nugget Mall.
These rolls were crispy delicious-ness dipped in Hoisin Sauce goodness
for a buck a piece. They are amazing, and delicious.

Number Two
Yan yan!!!!! 
You know those little bread sticks, that have that fake cheese stuff to dip them in?
Yan yan makes them cry at night.
This is an awesome Japanese snack, with (usually) chocolate dipping frosting stuff.
Yes! I want some. Amazon, you are now my best friend.

Number Three
Fry Bread! So, down here they  have funnel cakes.
I actually haven't had one of those in like, 10 years.
But in Alaska, at all the festivals, and some garage sales, and the Fourth of July
Parade, there was always a little Native woman making and selling Fry Bread,
and it is awesome. 

Number Four
Clam Chowder.
Salmon Chowder.
Halibut Chowder.
I miss fish soup. 
Catfish is....different.
Are you hungry yet?

Aaaaah, I can smell it, hear it crackling on the grill.
Salmon is sooooooo good!!!

Okay, I had a couple more, but I completely forgot what they were, so I can't miss
them that much. So for now, this is my list of things that are pretty unique to Alaska :)

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