Sunday, February 2, 2014

I finally made something!

Every so often, I need to break the monotony
of constant vest-making for my Etsy shop
And it's then that I check the projects I have bookmarked
in my "Sewing and crafts" file.

This week I made two of those lovely bookmarked crafts!
The first one was inspired by the Knit Heart Dress Tutorial <--click to see it

I really loved the dress, but I decided to add my own little twist to it!
I wanted the shape a bit more tailored, and little longer for Kid#5,
So I added a bodice, and box pleats to the skirt. 
It was looking a little plain though, so I did vertical ruffles down the bodice.

I also did 3/4 cuffed sleeves, and I decided to do the hearts differently as well,
just because one giant heart didn't look quite as lovely.

Kid #5 loved it, and she wanted to wear it to bed when I tried it on
for size! That's always the best feeling :)

Then-for Project#2, I made these Baby Mittens <-linked up here :)
She has such a fantastic tutorial with several pictures, so these were a breeze to make!

I ended up using the leftover knit from Kid#5's dress for the cuffs,
I love it when I can use up my scraps!

I loved this tute because they are lined (I used super-soft gray knit)
and there are no exposed seams anywhere!!!
Can't wait for Kid#6 to get here so he can wear them!

Thanks for stopping by-hope you got some craft-spiration!

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