Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!!!!

It is Christmas Eve.
Children have lost their minds with excitement.

I am reminded this morning of my friends.
Therefore, this post is for friends everywhere.
You know, that super cool friend that does crazy stuff with you?
That awesome friend that can follow your conversations on your random rambling days.
That one *sohomeschooled* friend that would make you die laughing eons before they'd make you cry.
That one friend with a quirkier sense of humor than yours.
That one friend that seems like they can read your mind.
That one epic friend that would let you drive them crazy forever, because they'd be doing it back at you. 
That one cool friend that will help you get lost in the woods, and be like "hey-we are so not lost".

Well, that friend is awesome. 
And they deserve a high-five, and a high-foot.
So, *cyber high-five and high-foot*.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

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