Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's not Friday, hey, hey, hey....

I hate having to think of titles for my blog posts,
because I fail at them.
They should have a "Blog Post Title Generator Thing" that
you can use when you can't think of anything good.
I was thinking the other day....
actually yesterday, about all the things I take for granted.
Sidewalks! Those things are so handy.
Baby voices, they change so fast.
Kleenex, what would we do without you?
Bananas, if I had no teeth, I would eat you forever.
A good swing.
Markers, I love it when they are new and aren't dried up yet.
And time. I always think I will have more of it.
One day, I will wake up though, and all my time on earth will be gone.
Note to self,
When you run into a sidewalk, use it.
Remember that baby voice won't last forever.
Go swing in the park every once in a while.
Color with the kids.
Don't waste time on petty things, and
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fantabulous Friday

I really like how, on some blogs, they have little weekly traditions.
and "Terrific Tuesday",
and "Wonderful Wednesday",
and "Thankful Thursday",
and "Fantabulous Friday"

Actually, the only one I know for sure about is the first one.
I am sure that the rest exist somewhere, but
I didn't actually feel like looking for them.

So! Today is Fantabulous Friday.
(what else would it be?)
My computer is telling me that "Fantabulous" is spelled wrong.
Silly computer.

Today is fantabulous because:

Hey! I passed my final CLEP test!
 (I still have 11 tests, and 1 course though)
{way to put a damper on things Katie, you fail at this.}

It was fantabulously cool this morning, and autumn-y

Some of my favorite music is coming through my headphones, right into my brain, as we

The moon was out this morning when I got up!
And it was golden and beautiful.
And the clouds were beautiful all around it.
I didn't take pictures though.
You feel left out now, don't you? 

Maple flavor
White grape juice
Bananas and strawberries

Not that any of these were part of my Friday.
they are just fantabulous.

Have a Fantabulous Friday,  and eat your Wheaties!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Movie Time

You know what I really like/don't like?
Movie reviews.
Because they ruin the movie!!!!!!!
But, if it's a movie you've never seen, then you can find out if it's any good.
Basically you get to read other peoples opinions
about a movie you have never watched before.
Unless you are a weirdy, and you read reviews for movies
you have already seen *neverdonethat*
Can you imagine a website that only reviewed movies
that were originally released on VHS?!
Then all those poor deprived teens could get some culture.
That would be mind blowing.
And for some reason, people think if you yell,
***SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!***
that it makes the fact that you just told me the entire plot of the movie okay.
But really, nowadays, (that's another one of those cool smushed up words)
reading reviews can be reeeeeally helpful.
I like PluggedIn reviews, in case you were wondering, which,
you probably weren't.
We recently watched a movie that was really good, and,
almost impossible for me to find on YouTube.
But that was just me apparently, because my Mom
totally found it, and emailed it to me.
Three times.
Yeah, I have a punch card for blonde moments like this.
But if you want to watch it, it IS indeed, on YouTube
and it's called "Last Ounce of Courage"
So go watch it, then you can come back, and see if I missed anything awesome about it.
The movie had a really great message.
(get ready, here's the review part!!!!)
There are no captions!!!! Goodness, do these people not have kids?!
The main character is a self-proclaimed freedom fighter, that is determined
to bring Christmas back to his town, of which he is the mayor.
Guess what-his name is Revere. Bob Revere. Do we see the historical importance?
It's about Christmas, with an undercurrent of the fight for our freedoms.
Basically I'm a sucker for movies like this. It's like a phase, that never.goes.away.
I have to get it out though, it was the smallest bit cheesy-predictable.
But really, it balanced itself out well. I actually teared up during one part,
so it won me over.
And I would definitely say that his "Rooftop Speech" is on the same level of
inspiration as the end speech in "Courageous".
And the Ronald Reagan quotes! Awesome touch.
This has to be the most disjointed movie review. Ever.
Be patient, I just don't feel like typing out everything I thought.
Okay, almost final thought-
There was a suspiciously suspicious Willy Nelson look-alike who was surrounded by mystery and coincidence things. I saw Willy Nelson once, on a show, and I don't think
I could ever forget that hair. Really. I tried. Is it gray, is it red, what's going on?
Final thought! I would watch it again.
I wish it was a little "Christmas-y" as in, making cookies or nativity or something, because they mention tradition a lot in the movie, but we don't get to watch them decorate or make cookies or anything. But that is personal preference.
So, I'm thinking, movie reviews, not really a great career option.
At least not for me.
Not at night.
It would actually be fun.
Unless the movie was horrendous, and then I wouldn't want to write a review about it,
I would just be like
Trust me!
Okay, that's enough. i'm tired of checking my grammar.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Girl Stuff

I think modesty is a frequent topic among
young Christian ladies. And it's always nice to have that one
lady or girl who you can just talk to about being modest.
Mom's are so fantastic for that!
And then if you have sisters, you can be like-
giiiiirl. go change.
And then sometimes you have that one tactful
friend that is like that.
But, every once in a while it's nice to have a change of pace.
A little laugh, a little more serious-ness undertone.
Like guys in suits and sunglasses.
On a football field.
What?! They are singing.
Really, I thought that those black things were chairs at first.
I was like-wait-chairs....chairs....why chairs? I don't get the chair thing...
 Then I was like. *facepalm* I get it. those are so not chairs.
Na Na Na Na Na Na........

Here's the thing. Their dancing is like....distracting.
I KNOW!!!!!!
I have to do the pros and cons. for real. I can't help it.


I get it, I really do. It is supposed to be entertaining
and hold your attention so you get the message.
But the message is getting distracted from a bit.

There we go. I'm happy now.
Everything in order?
No? Good.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall excitement

It is getting cool here!!!!
As in temperature. Not culture.
My sibs and I were in the car this afternoon,
waiting for my mom to come out of the store and they were like-
"Look at that lady! She is wearing a coat!
And so is that one! Aren't they hot?!"
One day, when my siblings get married, I am going
to give them a really special, special gift.
I'm going to slice the labels off of 15 or 20
canned goods ranging from chili to pears,
and write on each one things like,
"Thanks for all that awkwardness."
They will never forget it *happysigh*
Back to the weather.
I love how in old books, they always say that weather is a
safe topic to discuss with your host, just in
case you have nothing else in common.
Guess what? Those were the old days.
When kids weren't supposed to blab about the weather.
I like Fall. Because it is so colorful.
And it is dry and crunchy.
But I get over it pretty quickly, because I want snow.
I am getting my sulking about the lack of snow done ahead of time this year.
Because last year, I was sulking, and it snowed.
I mean no joke. I am pretty sure it doesn't snow here.
But it did last year, and right around November I started
thinking about how wonderfully amazing if it did snow on Christmas.
And it did. And I was thrilled.
And we ran outside without shoes or anything and stared
at the dark sky flinging specks of snow at us and we laugh and
jumped and shrieked about how it was snowing the entire time.
I was so happy.
In Juneau we would wait for the first snow.
It will come at the end of this month, and last well into the New Year.
We would leave the blinds up and glance out,
watching for the first falling.
My sis and I thought it was pretty awesome to yell,
"IT'S SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
For the first time of the season.
Watching a good snow fall is mesmerizing.
When it's big and fluffy like the dust off of a ceiling fan,
you pick one flake, watch it fall, and then pick a new one.
When it's tiny fine icy flakes, coming down like rain,
you stare right up into it and get dizzy watching it hurl at all angles down
to the ground.
And when it doesn't snow you can always play in it.
Or shovel it.
Or both.
Or! You can wait until it is nice and deep on your deck,
(at least a couple feet)
open your sliding glass door,
 run through the office,
and fling yourself into the drift!
Providing of course, that you have a deck, a door, snow, and a small
willingness to come out looking like....
you just jumped into a snow drift.
On purpose.
I hope everyone is enjoying Fall though!!!
Because you have to get through Fall to get to this:

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Giraffes are the best..........after baby elephants.

I really, really, really like Giraffes. I mean, I go to the Zoo to see the giraffes and elephants.
The boys were drawing ships today for school, and I was like, "HEEEEEEY!! I wanna draw too!"
But in my head. So I was like, Okay, I'll do a ship too.
And as I flipped through my sketchbook, I found this:
And hey! I can't get it to flip. so pretend it is right side up.
And I remembered doing it last year after we went to the zoo, off a pic I took.
And I really wanted to finish it off, at the time I was a bit scared to fill it in, because it looked so nice and clean!
But I got over it. Pretend this one is right side up too.
I LOVE PENCILS! Because they are smudge-able.
And also, they smudge.
What do you think of the before and after?!