Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year-new craft

Hey, hey, hey!
I just found a new crafty thingy!!!

Oh, and Happy New year.

for my lil sis's birthday :)

It is called Freezer Paper Transfers!
There are tutorials everywhere!!!

And it is so much fun, I think I'm addicted.
No joke, I want to paint everything.

for my soon-arriving new lil bro

Our family is expecting a little boy right around Valentine's Day,
so I really wanted to make him some cute onesies!!

for my soon-arriving little niece

It's sounds so weird that I am going to be an Aunt. 
But! I wanted my little niece to be cool when she comes too :)

for my friend in Alaska, who loves cats, and just got engaged!!


in theory, cats are cute. 

So my friend in AK is a year and two days 
younger than me, so I always try to do something special
for her birthday! And she just got engaged, so CONGRATS!

Well, I'm off to find more legit excuses to paint everything in sight!

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