Monday, January 20, 2014

Quick craft things

Last night I had the urge to craft.
So I decided on something I have been putting
off for ages-a laptop cover.
I ended up setting a laundry basket on top of my laptop,
and when it got picked up, it also happened to scratch the 
lovely lid of my laptop. *points for alliteration*
Funny how that works, right?

So I decided on a typewriter.
I have adored typewriters since I was a little girl,
I love the sound they make, and how the paper moves through it.

So for the cover I used sticky white shelf paper, and 
cut it to size. Then I found a drawing of a typewriter I liked online,
drew it myself, and the used a light-desk to trace it in permanent 
marker onto the giant sticker. 

Want to know something cool? 
I can take it off if I want-and change it! 
That makes me excited.

Also, I have another craft for you!
It's called a Heart Attack.
I saw it on Pinterest, and I took the idea, 
and ran with it.

I decided to write Bible verses and hymn excerpts
on my hearts. Then, in the envelope, I'll put some instructions like this:

Keep a couple of your favorite hearts, add a few of your own, and pass it on! 

And BAM-happiness in the mail, just like that.

Happy Monday!

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