Saturday, December 28, 2013

Land of Lights

On Christmas Eve our family went to the local light village!
It was so pretty, even though it was incredibly packed. From the back of the line, we couldn't
even see the park!

getting closer!!

snow people's village
cute snowman :)

they have a ton of painted cutouts all through the village

I love the ice skaters!

 the little pond they have that reflects all the lights is always so fun

the light tunnels-definitely a family favorite!

They have a little church scene, and the manger-but this is the only picture that turned out!

They also had a Grinch locked in the Whoville jail.
The person in the costume was right up next to the window waving to people,
and his mask was creepy enough to keep me from snapping a picture. 

and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve!!!!

It is Christmas Eve.
Children have lost their minds with excitement.

I am reminded this morning of my friends.
Therefore, this post is for friends everywhere.
You know, that super cool friend that does crazy stuff with you?
That awesome friend that can follow your conversations on your random rambling days.
That one *sohomeschooled* friend that would make you die laughing eons before they'd make you cry.
That one friend with a quirkier sense of humor than yours.
That one friend that seems like they can read your mind.
That one epic friend that would let you drive them crazy forever, because they'd be doing it back at you. 
That one cool friend that will help you get lost in the woods, and be like "hey-we are so not lost".

Well, that friend is awesome. 
And they deserve a high-five, and a high-foot.
So, *cyber high-five and high-foot*.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

My favorite things

"Raindrops on roses, 
whiskers on kittens.
Bright copper kettles, 
and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with string...."

Hearing Curious George in the other room
Walking into a house that smells amazing and warm
Kids that fall asleep in your lap
Coloring books and fine tipped markers
Warm blankets
Vintage everything
Knick-knack stores with hidden treasures (also known as typewriters, and old books)

These are only a few of my favorite things.

Merry *three days till* Christmas everyone!
And, because they recalled my Michael Buble album from
YouTube for Copyright infringement, here is my other super-secret stash.
You know I wouldn't hold out on you  ;)
Most likely, anyways....

Time for Miracle on 34th Street!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey now!

I say "Hey now" all the time, so I might actually have a post already called that. 

Well, I finished Kid#3's quilt and guess what?!
BAM! I didn't even take pictures.
And it's all nice and wrapped.
And I don't want to re-wrap it after unwrapping it to take
a picture that only takes 5 seconds to take.

***I interrupt this post to bring you a Random Grammar Rule***
"You only have to spell out a number's
name, if it is the first, or second word,
in a sentence"

And, that is what happens when you take 3 tests back to back.
Did I say I was planning on two?
Well, I took three instead. I had an extra week to prep.
And *again* BAM! I passed all of them. 

Wanna hear about Fort Hood?! Me neither. 
I seriously sat at the small desk in the middle of a room that smelled 
like men's cologne, and help my breath 
trying to articulate something of a prayer, during those
excruciating few seconds between the time your test is over,
and when the score pops up on the screen.
It was such a blessing to pass them all.

I have to say though, it was the first time in my testing
experience that I left the room smelling like the people in it.
It was also the first time that I was really conscious of the people in the room.
Like, people were a little loud.
This one lady came in, in the middle of my second test
 talking in very un-hushed tones about how
the center never called her back and her husband came with her
on Saturday to take a test.
And I was like, *that's loud*

And then, this guy's cell phone rang. Three times.
And also, this guy belched really loud.
But normal people don't talk about that on the internet.

That pretty much sums it up!

It was a decent, and kind of intimidating experience, because
I had no idea where everything was, and I had to ask 3 or 4 people
before I finally got to the right room.

And then my car died on base.
My dad was there, cause he's cool, and he called AAA and they came and jumped it.
I was impatient to be done with the whole thing and get home though,
so I ended up asking two different guys if they had cables.
My dad was like-no one is gonna have cables.
The first guy didn't.
And hey, the second guy......didn't either.
And neither did his two friends that he called.
Guess what though? AAA did. And we got home.

And we have to go back.


Got 2 Minutes? So does everyone.

Watch and share!

Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas with a Capital "C"

Well, the Pastor's sermon has once again
succeeded in reminding me of a Go Fish Guys song.

The funny thing is, that I don't even know if they know who
the Go Fish Guys are! I always mean to ask them,
and then totally forget.

Anyway, this song is a family favorite, as is the movie
by the same name :)


Friday, December 13, 2013


Bing Crosby is playing "Christmas Dinner Country Style" 
in my head. Right now.


Quilt for kid #1 is done!!

And kid #2's

I am actually pretty pleased with how these turned out, and 
I really think the kids will like them.

At our house, we try to make a gingerbread house every year together.
But, since about half of the family has to eat gluten-free, 
we weren't sure what to do this year, because
half the fun of making is eating.

SO! We made our own gingerbread, gluten-free style. 
We got a template from some lady online,
for mini house though. So this morning, for like, an hour and a half,
I was cutting out gingerbread house pieces for 6 gingerbread 
houses, and a small army of men to occupy them.


And that is what the table looked like after I had started
cleaning the table off.
So just multiply that mess by about 4.

But we got some nice houses!!!

Mom's house

My older sis-she had help from the littlest kiddo :)

My house

Kid #1-so proud of the tree

Kid #2-yes, that's a giant gingerbread man.

Kid #3 as much candy crammed onto one house as possible? check.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's about the Cross

The sermon this morning served to remind me that
Christmas, is about the Cross. 

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!