Wednesday, March 19, 2014

April shower, even though it's March

It's March!! (did you know that?)
And I feel like it's been ages since I blogged.
And if 2 weeks+ is ages,
then it has been.

We have had some really marvelous weather lately.
Rain, in point of fact.
And 50 degrees. 

And all this loverly weather has inspired me to
grab my pencils. All two of them.
And some blank paper that stares back at me,
asking for kindness, and requesting not to be wrinkled up
and thrown away.

Four pages made it! 
Those less fortunate were....less fortunate.
My mom is a genius and recommended
this pseudo-clothesline for my wall,
I love it, and it was so easy.

To be 100% truthful, the one on the right was done
several months ago, and was stuck in a stack
of old sketches. It fit my theme perfectly though :)

I definitely think the little girl in the rain is my favorite :)

And now I need your help! 
I have room for one more sketch on my line,
and I need an idea! 
Comment below with ideas-remember it
has to be umbrella related :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Let's Paint our Shoes!!!

We are going to paint shoes today!
So run over t o Walmart, and grab a pair
of those 7.00 white tennis shoes that look
super boring, and we are going to make them more fun!
Boring, right?

Pull out those laces, and tuck the tongue into the
toe of the shoe! Now, we are ready to paint!
I used my Tulip fabric paint, the
same ones I've used to my t-shirt projects.

 I really wanted a nice teal color, but I didn't have
any, so I had to mix it.

This is what it looked like before I stirred it up. 
Probably 60% blue, 20% white, 15% green, 5% yellow.

I didn't get a pic of just the teal *bummer*, but I painted the middle
part of both shoes teal. Next, I did black stripes.
I was using scotch tape (cut in half down the center) for a guideline, like painters tape.
I also did the stripes on the toes of both shoes.
It was a little time consuming, but I really like how they turned out!

Can't wait to wear them!