Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Tuesday

Imagine that!
I actually get to do a random Tuesday post, 
on a random Tuesday!
Here's the thing-no matter what day it is,
when I random gift people, or random happy note people,
I always say, "Happy Random Tuesday!"
Because I can.

Remember Yan yan?
Well my mom is super cool, and she reads my blog.
And she bought me the very next best thing:

If you have never had this, then are not quite fully aware of what you are missing.
*random shout out to my floor-it always makes the best background*

Oh, oh ,oh!
Remember that post about epic friends?
We are revisiting that, because a friend totally made my day,
and gifted me this WWI era helmet:

My brain would not let my face stop smiling.

And, in case you are wondering, the hats belonged 
to my Great Grandmother. They are pretty
close to around the same time period, and I've had them for ages.
I've always wanted to display them in my room,
but I never could figure out a good way to do it.

But! It trouble me no more, for I plan to hang them on my wall,
opposite the helmet, on either side of this framed pic of my dad in Boot Camp.
*my room always looks blue in pictures...*
So when you walk into my room, the first thing you see are some of 
my favorite things.
*hum it now, I dare you*
If you have any idea on how to actually get them to stay on my wall,
be sure to let me know!

I am stoked about having real articles of history so nearby,
rather fitting for a soon-to-be graduating History major, right?

Okay! Parting random thought:
You know how when your legs are super sore,
and your brain is like, 
'it would be hilarious if you fell right now'
and you do, but it isn't near as funny as your brain thought it would be?
I hate that.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Want to know something awesome about this year?
2014 Olympics.
I have been looking forward to the 2014 Winter Olympics since....
2010? 2012? Both.

And they are coming, they are coming!!!!
February 6th, Opening Ceremony.
We can only hope it will be much better than London's.
Because I quit watching after they mangled the "Chariots of Fire" theme song.
That was incredibly tragic.

P&G commercials-they got class.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Quick craft things

Last night I had the urge to craft.
So I decided on something I have been putting
off for ages-a laptop cover.
I ended up setting a laundry basket on top of my laptop,
and when it got picked up, it also happened to scratch the 
lovely lid of my laptop. *points for alliteration*
Funny how that works, right?

So I decided on a typewriter.
I have adored typewriters since I was a little girl,
I love the sound they make, and how the paper moves through it.

So for the cover I used sticky white shelf paper, and 
cut it to size. Then I found a drawing of a typewriter I liked online,
drew it myself, and the used a light-desk to trace it in permanent 
marker onto the giant sticker. 

Want to know something cool? 
I can take it off if I want-and change it! 
That makes me excited.

Also, I have another craft for you!
It's called a Heart Attack.
I saw it on Pinterest, and I took the idea, 
and ran with it.

I decided to write Bible verses and hymn excerpts
on my hearts. Then, in the envelope, I'll put some instructions like this:

Keep a couple of your favorite hearts, add a few of your own, and pass it on! 

And BAM-happiness in the mail, just like that.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stuff I Miss

Today I went on a spree.
And I called it the "stuff I miss about Alaska" spree.
This isn't just your normal "I miss mountains, I miss snow, I miss the ocean."
list. This goes so far beyond that. This is the list
of amazing things you cannot buy in this deprived Southern town.
If some one here traded places with an Alaskan, then they would miss...
Wendy's. and Burger King. and.....fried breaded things *joking* 
Disclaimer: this list is not intended an insult to Southern folk anywhere.
This is just a list of fun things that were up North that are pretty unheard of down here.

NUMBER ONE on my list
is Spring Rolls from Peter's Oriental in the Nugget Mall.
These rolls were crispy delicious-ness dipped in Hoisin Sauce goodness
for a buck a piece. They are amazing, and delicious.

Number Two
Yan yan!!!!! 
You know those little bread sticks, that have that fake cheese stuff to dip them in?
Yan yan makes them cry at night.
This is an awesome Japanese snack, with (usually) chocolate dipping frosting stuff.
Yes! I want some. Amazon, you are now my best friend.

Number Three
Fry Bread! So, down here they  have funnel cakes.
I actually haven't had one of those in like, 10 years.
But in Alaska, at all the festivals, and some garage sales, and the Fourth of July
Parade, there was always a little Native woman making and selling Fry Bread,
and it is awesome. 

Number Four
Clam Chowder.
Salmon Chowder.
Halibut Chowder.
I miss fish soup. 
Catfish is....different.
Are you hungry yet?

Aaaaah, I can smell it, hear it crackling on the grill.
Salmon is sooooooo good!!!

Okay, I had a couple more, but I completely forgot what they were, so I can't miss
them that much. So for now, this is my list of things that are pretty unique to Alaska :)

Friday, January 3, 2014

New Year-new craft

Hey, hey, hey!
I just found a new crafty thingy!!!

Oh, and Happy New year.

for my lil sis's birthday :)

It is called Freezer Paper Transfers!
There are tutorials everywhere!!!

And it is so much fun, I think I'm addicted.
No joke, I want to paint everything.

for my soon-arriving new lil bro

Our family is expecting a little boy right around Valentine's Day,
so I really wanted to make him some cute onesies!!

for my soon-arriving little niece

It's sounds so weird that I am going to be an Aunt. 
But! I wanted my little niece to be cool when she comes too :)

for my friend in Alaska, who loves cats, and just got engaged!!


in theory, cats are cute. 

So my friend in AK is a year and two days 
younger than me, so I always try to do something special
for her birthday! And she just got engaged, so CONGRATS!

Well, I'm off to find more legit excuses to paint everything in sight!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, if I can pull this off, this post will go live at midnight,
By the time you finish reading this, it will be 2014!

We don't write New Years' resolutions as a rule,
I can only remember doing it once, at my parents prompting. 
 I was moping because my sis was at a friends house without me. 
And all remember is that I got mad that they were trying to make me cheer up,
and that I couldn't think of anything to write, besides "finish my schoolwork before summer"
*oh the joys of being homeschooled*

But, this year, I designed a fabric for a contest, and the theme was
"Hand-lettered New Years' Resolution"
So I wrote one.
Not a real one, mind you, because I have already done most everything
on the list, the rest are sort of generic fillers.
But here is what it looks like! And the deadline is today, so
tomorrow voting opens, and I'll post a link up for you.

*passes out "please vote for my fabric" buttons*

And my fabric efforts (pitiful though they may be)
have inspired me to write a list-all in fun, no shame.


1. Finish school-forever and ever this time.
2. Don't be afraid to make a mess (even if it will take forever to clean up)
3. Dance in the rain-again. (dancing alone is the rain is a bit much though, I grabbed my lil bro last year)
4. Sing louder, and more often in the store this year.
5. Leave more random Tuesday notes for awesome people
6.  Check something off my bucket list *hmmmm........*
7. Fill up my "Paradise Falls" jar-yes! I stole that from 'Up' no shame-remember?
8. let's leave this one blank.......for whimsy's sake

happy new year everyone :)