Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Makin' stuff......or not

AGH! My sewing machine is going berserk.
I wanted to freak out for about five minutes.
Ok, more than five.
But I didn't. Not really.
Deep breaths do NOT count as freaking out.

It couldn't have better timing.

With orders to process and a sewing class to teach,
I wanted to take some time and do a
quick project. Something to give me a break
from the black fleece and creature power discs.

Something fun.

And my something fun was going to double as
the sewing class's next project.
*score for multipurposey things*

So, see these shoes?

These are my pirate shoes.
So called for their pirate-y stripes and colors, I suppose.

bleh. a moth just flew in my face.
bugs are gross.

Back to the project.
I got these shoes at the Thrift Store for a couple bucks, and they were
worth it. The first time I wore them, my little brother said,
"Hey! Where'd you get the pirate shoes?!"

So, my shoes inspired my project.
And my project has absotively nothing to do with shoes!
Fantastic, right?

I was at WalMart, and they were having a fabric sale.
These shoes started a bargin trend I suppose.

So I grabbed two fabrics

And they don't really match. But then again,
they do.
Confusing, no?

So, I got the fabric, and I wanted to make a
tote bag for our sewing class, and lay the fabric this way

And in the end, this is really just a long teaser post of projects to come
hopefully at some point in the future before my machine dies.

But the fabric is great, isn't it?!
I think the skinny-to-big stripes are cool.
And the blue and red stripes are piratey.

Like my shoes =]