Monday, September 16, 2013

Real quick.

Ok, this post has to be super fast.
Because I am going to take a test Wednesday,
and I'm not 100% sure I'm ready yet.

I just heard the most awful news.

They are re-making the Sound of Music!!!!

I was like-WHAT?
You can't top the classics.
No way, no how.

Julia Andrews was amazing as Maria.
Guess who they got for Maria.

Go ahead. Guess.
Carrie Underwood.


They can't do this,
but they will anyway of course.  

I bet they do Fiddler on the Roof next.
*sigh* I will not watch it.
If I ever watch a remake, I will sit there, and complain about how 
it isn't true to the original. Because the original is always best.

 These are my favorite movies. 
And now they will be ruined by remakes.

I feel like the kids in the first half :(
 Unfortunately Julia Andrews won't be allowed to
come singing onto the set and save future generations
from having to watch remakes.


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