Monday, September 30, 2013

I got my computer *insert coolness here*

It's identical to the one I had before, with a few minor improvements.
Improvements are always nice.
So, I decided I should post. Because you have to break in the keyboard somehow.
Have ya'll heard of the GoFish guys? their songs are *mostly* cute. The movie "Christmas with a Capital 'C'" was based on one of their songs. They are on YouTube.
 The more recent stuff is bleh, but the older stuff is good. I never like to buy CDs though, because I only like one or two of the songs on the whole disc, so it seems like a waste.....
Sorry if there are typos today! It's cause *I'msosmart* and I sliced a couple fingers on an arrow last night. I'm such a dork when I get hurt. You know, when you get a clean cut,
you can't feel it at first. My first thought is always:
"When I start feeling that-it's gonna hurt."
Anyways my dad was trying to get it wrapped up,
and reminding me that he told me it was sharp,
and amidst the, "Hold that. Pressure, put pressure.
There's two cuts? Here, put this on it,
hold your arm above your head. Are you okay?",
from both of my parents, I was like,
"I think I bled on your rug."
Told ya I was a dork.
Not really sure where I was going with this one.
How common.
I guess what we can all take from this is this:
Christmas is an amazing time, and things that are sharp have potential to cause bleeding.
Therefore, never put glass ornaments on a Christmas tree when there are small children in your house. Because those things are not shatterproof.
Well, that was fun! Thanks for stopping by!

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