Sunday, September 22, 2013

The best is yet to come.......

And hey! This post has nothing to do with Frank Sinatra, or music at all!

Bummer, right?

This was actually suposed to be a post about a personal account from a POW during WWII.

But then I was sewing a costume, and I started thinking about how to do my formerly mural idea on a canvas.

Then I started thinking about that mural in UP.

You know, the one Ellie paints over the fireplace? Ever since the first time I watched that movie, I have loved the murals she does. (The nursery, and Paradise Falls)  Something about the blues, and the fact that she makes an adventure out of everything is just inspiring.

I love her enthusiasm. Especially the one scene where she pops back up at the window, and yells "ADVENTURE'S OUT THERE!!!!"

And the wedding
And the mailbox.
And the jar with spare change.
And the cloud gazing.

And the fact that she filled all her "Stuff I'm Gonna Do" pages up, even though she never made it to Paradise Falls.

Even though she isn't a central character per say, I would definitely say she was my favorite.

And the dog. The dog is funny.

So, I'm not really sure where I'm going with this, except with the thought that anything, anything at all, can be an adventure. It just depends on how you look at it.

Laugh or cry I guess.

I almost inhaled a moth.

That was gross.

But hey, adventure's out there.

You just have decide when to acknowledge it. I think I have missed a lot of adventures, just for the sake of nervousness. Or shyness. Or whateverness. In Alaska, it was like torture for me to have to run in to the post office and check the mail. Not that I hated mail. Who doesn't like mail? I just didn't like to go in, and I would always hope that Mom or Dad didn't have packages coming so I wouldn't have to go to the counter and talk to the person.

Because mail people will talk you to death.

But just think! It could have been a great adventure! I could have met a cool person, or at least seen a stranger who had order some weird item from the States, instead of just staring at the floor and listening to the people talk.

So. That may be stretching it a bit. But you get the gist. And by the way, I mostly grew out of the *awkwardpleasedon'ttalktome* phase.

Have fun. Those two words have so much potential. Because when it comes to fun, there really aren't a ton of rules. You just sort of run into it along the way.

So go get some ice cream, sit on the curb and count cars with a friend. Make sure you get plenty messy, and sit right in the sun. You'll have fun. :)


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