Friday, September 13, 2013

"We Got Three 'R's'........."

We went to a HUGE consignment sale yesterday.
(Hence the Jack Johnson inspired title)
It was kids clothes, and maternity clothes,
and toys and baby cribs, strollers, bouncers etc.
It was overwhelming.
When you walk in, it seemed really calm, and like there wasn't a ton of stuff there,
but then you round the corner, and there was a hallway and 2 huge rooms filled with stuff.
 Shopping isn't my thing. I usually respond in two different ways,
I either, 
1) Freak out, remind myslef I hate shopping, and decide I'm done.
2) I force myself to focus on finding whatever it is I'm shopping for.

Fight or flight.
Ok, maybe not that bad....

OH! They had shoes too.
Lots and lots of shoes.
Mostly for kids.

But they had "big people" shoes too!
So I definitely looked through them.
(Like I need more shoes)
They were super on sale though, so I got some.

Classic, gone flowery. 
They are so whimsical, and they cost 7.50,
which is a score for real Converse.

Hooray for shoes with no heels!
And for dots. 
And the autumn gold yarn that looks so 
fantastic with these shoes.
Oh! And hooray for 6.00, which is how much these cost.

These were the best deal.
2 bucks for flats with zipper bows?
Sure, why not.
I didn't know that was a zipper before I bought them,
but I thought "Hey, I sew."
So, it's kinda fitting.

SO!  15.50 for three new pairs of shoes.
Yup. Forget you, shoestore. We shop used.

"reuse....we gotta learn to reuse..."
and then something about juice, and grocery sacks.


  1. So did I miss the Children's Consignment sale or was that something else?????

    1. The CCC Sale is running this week Thursday through Sat. at the Harvey Convention Cent., Sat is half price everything, and I've heard it gets pretty crazy, but the bargains are amazing!!!!!