Friday, September 27, 2013

Water, water.......everywhere


And hey! We even have water to drink!

So, guess what?! Our house really likes water.

A lot.

Enough to flood once from the inside, dampening the back of the house. But that wasn't good enough! The rest of the house felt left out, so during a fantastic downpour, we had water seep over the foundation. But! No fear. Because a five gallon bucket of water is far lighter than a five gallon bucket of mud. I would know because I had to lug both around until the water went down. Which took surprisingly longer than I expected it to.

But we finally got all dried out. I hoped. But, alas, the tale didn't end until something was ruined. Namely my laptop. Which was left on the livingroom floor, because, I learned about that in preschool. When I was three. *I'msosmart*. And it got doused with a water bottle.

So until my new-to-me laptop comes, I probably won't be posting much. Hopefully it will be here soon though.

Until then, you could always go jump in some puddles. Because that's fun. I like how, when it rains, there's always that moment of hesitation, when you try to decide if you want to stay as dry as possible, or if you want to risk looking like a dweeb to run shouting through the rain, and try to catch rain drops in your mouth, and pounce in mud puddles. Usually, the "stay dry because if you don't you'll get all wet" part of me wins out, because up north the rain was freezing, and frequent. But here it is funner, because you don't catch hypothermia just to have some fun.

Stay hydrated!

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