Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Giraffes are the best..........after baby elephants.

I really, really, really like Giraffes. I mean, I go to the Zoo to see the giraffes and elephants.
The boys were drawing ships today for school, and I was like, "HEEEEEEY!! I wanna draw too!"
But in my head. So I was like, Okay, I'll do a ship too.
And as I flipped through my sketchbook, I found this:
And hey! I can't get it to flip. so pretend it is right side up.
And I remembered doing it last year after we went to the zoo, off a pic I took.
And I really wanted to finish it off, at the time I was a bit scared to fill it in, because it looked so nice and clean!
But I got over it. Pretend this one is right side up too.
I LOVE PENCILS! Because they are smudge-able.
And also, they smudge.
What do you think of the before and after?!

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