Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow? Nope, just ice.

We had a little ice-over last night!
Complete with slightly droopy trees,
dropping temps, and a quick power flash!
Of course, our family was planning for sub-zero temperatures, with
the kids all hoping the power would go out. 
Remember wishing that as a kid? We were all like,
Oh! If the power goes out, then I won't have to do school tomorrow!
Now I was more like-if the power goes out,
then my laptop will die. Also, my sewing machine won't work.

It was still ice-y this morning, so I took some quick pics :)
I love how you can see the twists in the wire through the ice :)

My cow was all like-feed me.

Drooping hay-grass in the pasture

Okay, no idea what these are. But they look cool.

Have a wonderful day!

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