Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Remember this?

So, I had a post all planned out.
And then my camera USB cord decided to run away.

Remember looking for stuff as a kid,
and you would tell your mom you didn't have it last 
(no one had it last!)
and she always said "well, I guess it just grew legs and walked off then!"
I always thought that would be cool.
Pretty sure Toy Story just fueled that idea.

Oh-remember VHS tapes?! 
They are the real reason we "rewind" DVDs now.

My mom got rid of all of our VHS tapes in the past year.
We had those two-tapes sets, for Fiddler on the Roof,
and Sound of Music. I was so sad, I loved those films.
On the bright side though, we can no longer
just pop in those insanely embarrassing home videos
of my sister and I singing music from the "Aristocats" in shower caps
and pajamas. We were so young. Don't judge.

I remember my mom always telling us to stop the tape 
before we rewound or fast forwarded parts we didn't like.
I never did know for sure why we had to do that....

Remember Barney tapes were white, with purple letters
and Blues Clues were (usually) orange (then they came out with that 
blue one and it threw everyone off) and green Veggie Tales....
Oh, how poorly animated the originals were. 

Remember ours were like this:

And then we were so thoroughly impressed with "Jonah", and the 

Pretty sure Larry had a lisp back then too....


  1. Yes! I loved colorful tapes! I had a Barney vhs tape that was white with blue or purple letters on it. I loved that thing !!

    1. Yes! And now my sibs just hit "netflix" to watch these shows....can you imagine what they will be telling younger people, "Hey! I had a RED Wii remote! It was the best thing ever!"