Thursday, February 6, 2014

Paint fever, Baby flu

If you haven't seen the Pixar film "Up",
then I feel bad. Because this post is about "Up".
Well, at least the first part of it.

See this picture?
It is just one of the several reasons that movie is amazing.
Color, color, everywhere.
Wonderful animation.
Terrific storyline
Plenty of comic relief.
Summary: It's a great film! Go watch it.

This wonderful film (and namely the above quote/photo)
inspired me to pull out my fabric paints and freezer paper. 

I promise, it's almost addicting to take a plain,
$3.00 Walmart shirt, and make it something cool.
And, you can't tell in this picture (bad lighting, I know)
but the words have white marble/cloud things. 
I really wanted this shirt to be sky blue,
but...Walmart was out.

And, as for the second part of this post see here:
Baby stuff. It is literally everywhere.
This set is actually for a lady at our church though,
who asked me to make a set for her niece's baby :)
I love making baby stuff, because it's so...

So, the blue fabric has little signs that say "nap zone"
and little road blocks. *supercute*
and the back!!! I love this backing fabric. Like, a lot.

I did the baby shoes in the backing :) 

Okay-even as a child, I was always very concerned with my
footprints, and I would try to check and make sure my shoes would 
leave cool prints-not that the baby wearing these will be walking or anything...

HAHA! We've seen these thingys before-haven't we?

Bibs. I have a love/hate relationship with bibs.
On the one hand, they keep the kid sorta clean.
On the other, if they are too cute, I don't like to use them. 
Plus, when they get old enough to pull them off, they
end up getting painted with peas, and dunked in the bowl, then 
they wipe it in their hair.

Well, thanks for stopping by
-go make something....
or something.

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