Saturday, December 28, 2013

Land of Lights

On Christmas Eve our family went to the local light village!
It was so pretty, even though it was incredibly packed. From the back of the line, we couldn't
even see the park!

getting closer!!

snow people's village
cute snowman :)

they have a ton of painted cutouts all through the village

I love the ice skaters!

 the little pond they have that reflects all the lights is always so fun

the light tunnels-definitely a family favorite!

They have a little church scene, and the manger-but this is the only picture that turned out!

They also had a Grinch locked in the Whoville jail.
The person in the costume was right up next to the window waving to people,
and his mask was creepy enough to keep me from snapping a picture. 

and Happy New Year!

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