Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey now!

I say "Hey now" all the time, so I might actually have a post already called that. 

Well, I finished Kid#3's quilt and guess what?!
BAM! I didn't even take pictures.
And it's all nice and wrapped.
And I don't want to re-wrap it after unwrapping it to take
a picture that only takes 5 seconds to take.

***I interrupt this post to bring you a Random Grammar Rule***
"You only have to spell out a number's
name, if it is the first, or second word,
in a sentence"

And, that is what happens when you take 3 tests back to back.
Did I say I was planning on two?
Well, I took three instead. I had an extra week to prep.
And *again* BAM! I passed all of them. 

Wanna hear about Fort Hood?! Me neither. 
I seriously sat at the small desk in the middle of a room that smelled 
like men's cologne, and help my breath 
trying to articulate something of a prayer, during those
excruciating few seconds between the time your test is over,
and when the score pops up on the screen.
It was such a blessing to pass them all.

I have to say though, it was the first time in my testing
experience that I left the room smelling like the people in it.
It was also the first time that I was really conscious of the people in the room.
Like, people were a little loud.
This one lady came in, in the middle of my second test
 talking in very un-hushed tones about how
the center never called her back and her husband came with her
on Saturday to take a test.
And I was like, *that's loud*

And then, this guy's cell phone rang. Three times.
And also, this guy belched really loud.
But normal people don't talk about that on the internet.

That pretty much sums it up!

It was a decent, and kind of intimidating experience, because
I had no idea where everything was, and I had to ask 3 or 4 people
before I finally got to the right room.

And then my car died on base.
My dad was there, cause he's cool, and he called AAA and they came and jumped it.
I was impatient to be done with the whole thing and get home though,
so I ended up asking two different guys if they had cables.
My dad was like-no one is gonna have cables.
The first guy didn't.
And hey, the second guy......didn't either.
And neither did his two friends that he called.
Guess what though? AAA did. And we got home.

And we have to go back.


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