Friday, December 13, 2013


Bing Crosby is playing "Christmas Dinner Country Style" 
in my head. Right now.


Quilt for kid #1 is done!!

And kid #2's

I am actually pretty pleased with how these turned out, and 
I really think the kids will like them.

At our house, we try to make a gingerbread house every year together.
But, since about half of the family has to eat gluten-free, 
we weren't sure what to do this year, because
half the fun of making is eating.

SO! We made our own gingerbread, gluten-free style. 
We got a template from some lady online,
for mini house though. So this morning, for like, an hour and a half,
I was cutting out gingerbread house pieces for 6 gingerbread 
houses, and a small army of men to occupy them.


And that is what the table looked like after I had started
cleaning the table off.
So just multiply that mess by about 4.

But we got some nice houses!!!

Mom's house

My older sis-she had help from the littlest kiddo :)

My house

Kid #1-so proud of the tree

Kid #2-yes, that's a giant gingerbread man.

Kid #3 as much candy crammed onto one house as possible? check.

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