Friday, October 18, 2013

Fantabulous Friday

I really like how, on some blogs, they have little weekly traditions.
and "Terrific Tuesday",
and "Wonderful Wednesday",
and "Thankful Thursday",
and "Fantabulous Friday"

Actually, the only one I know for sure about is the first one.
I am sure that the rest exist somewhere, but
I didn't actually feel like looking for them.

So! Today is Fantabulous Friday.
(what else would it be?)
My computer is telling me that "Fantabulous" is spelled wrong.
Silly computer.

Today is fantabulous because:

Hey! I passed my final CLEP test!
 (I still have 11 tests, and 1 course though)
{way to put a damper on things Katie, you fail at this.}

It was fantabulously cool this morning, and autumn-y

Some of my favorite music is coming through my headphones, right into my brain, as we

The moon was out this morning when I got up!
And it was golden and beautiful.
And the clouds were beautiful all around it.
I didn't take pictures though.
You feel left out now, don't you? 

Maple flavor
White grape juice
Bananas and strawberries

Not that any of these were part of my Friday.
they are just fantabulous.

Have a Fantabulous Friday,  and eat your Wheaties!

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