Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More sunset crazies

WHAT?! I love the sky.
I am pretty sure the sky here was one of those things that convinced me 
that I could live here, and be okay. 

No joke. Living in Alaska, we saw the sky bordered by mountains,
and when it didn't look like this:

(not my pic by the way, all my AK pics are on a different computer, but this is downtown Juneau)


(Brotherhood Trail Trailhead, Mendenhall Glacier in the background.)

Although it only looked like this every so often, it seemed like it was trying to make up for all the wet.
Aaaaaanyway. Back to the topic. 

When we found out we were moving here I was like- No. Way.
It was one of those things that I had always told myself that we would never ever do. 
Leave Alaska? Nope. Never.
 So when we were getting ready to move, I soaked up as much beauty as I could.
Because, where we were headed had no beauty....right?

But it took me a while to admit it. I made myself hate it here at first.
Again, I'm not kidding, I was so stubborn! I would go places with people,
especially my mom, and she would be like, "Ohhhh, it's so beautiful! Look!!"
And I would be like, "Oh yeah, no mountains, no water, no snow, just a bunch
of tall grass. Lovely. What's that-a buzzard? Gorgeous."

So, it took some time to really like it here. It really wasn't until about 4 or 5 months ago, when
we were out looking up at all the stars, (which, I hate to admit, you couldn't see much up north,
because of all the clouds that were raining. or snowing) and I was like
*newsflash* "I could live here I guess."  
And guess what? It wasn't even that hard to let go of Alaska. 
Not that it's gone forever, wiped off the map, never ever want to go there again,
I would jump at the chance to visit. But God sort of dropped our family here.
So here we are.

And here's the sunset I mentioned before I started rambling all over the place.


I thought it was framed so nicely by the trees =]

(just in case your were homeschooled too)

That's the moon too. And some cool clouds.
And a tree. Oh wait. Two trees.


 And that's all!
Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. I just wish time didn't go by so fast.. you know?