Saturday, August 10, 2013

Moon, and the sunset

My grandmother called last night and said that the sunset was supposed to be purple, and 
could I snap some pics? So I did :) 

I was hoping for a vibrant sky (maybe it was all that play-doh that got me excited)
But it was a powder-purple, very soothing colors though.

You can barely see the moon here, but it is about 2/3 of the way up
on the left side. There was a bright star up  there too, but you can't really tell from this pic.
What? Power lines? Nope. Pretend those aren't there. 
My dad said "Just go under the power lines, then you couldn't see them!" 
And I said, "Ummm. No. there are snakes out there."

I like those trees. They look sort of friendly at dusk.

Anyway, that's what it looked like, if you didn't get to see it.
I hear it may be better tonight, so I may try again.

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