Thursday, July 18, 2013

Do this.....Not that!

When it comes to sharing our faith,
things can get pretty intimidating, pretty quickly!

And sometimes things can go from worse.
No one likes it when a complete stranger starts yelling at them,
or when they tear up the tract you just handed them, right in your face.
And it might just be me-but strangers can be scary.

I mean really-Mom didn't teach you "Stranger, danger!", for no reason.
So, why should we share our faith? Why not just live.
You know, "Let your little light shine! Then people will
see the difference, and they will want Jesus too."
 Want to know why that ain't good logic?

I'll tell you anyway. 
Because while you are doing the best you can to not be a fallible human being, and
trying to live an good example, but never opening your mouth,
people are dying and going to Hell.

Sharing your faith means you gotta share. So don't be afraid to open your mouth.
Don't be afraid to talk to that telemarketer. Chances are you will never see him on this earth.
Wouldn't you like him to know how to get to heaven?
Don't be afraid that you might offend someone.
Remember-they are better off offended, than in Hell.
So how do we share our faith effectively?  How do we tell people, lovingly,
that they have broken God's Law? That, when held to His standards, we are all
lying, thieving, blasphemous, murderers at heart?

Well. Here's one way, that is very straight-forward, and I have found it to be extremely effective.

God bless your endeavors, just go out and do anything!

Well, almost anything.
Don't let your witnessing encounters look like this:




  1. I never tire of seeing the conviction of the Holy Spirit come over people as they realize they are sinners.

    1. Me either, it is such a blessing to see it firsthand. This video (the first, not the second) is one of our favorites, because his response is amazing to watch.