Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome to My Ramblings

I am very excited to get started blogging, and even though this blog is about my sewing and writing projects, my first post will be about a recently finished mural I did.  Here are some photos as I went along.

I painted the mural on a darker semi-gloss green wall. I used acrylic paints (and I found that the matte looks and stays better on the glossy paint) as you will see, the gloss wall and glossy paint on the plane caused some running on the lowest wing, so I left the rest to dry a bit more before I finished up the decals.

Phase one: I sketched the picture I wanted onto the wall in pencil (no pic because it was impossible to see unless you were a few inches away from the wall). Then, I outlined the plane, and filled the sky. I ran out of the blue I mixed so I added a couple clouds, but I think they add a nice touch!

Phase Two: I mixed a darker blue for the mountains, and painted them in with snow-y caps. I ended up adding a little more detail to these in Phase Three.

Phase Three: Finally done! It took a few hours, and three days total to do the entire mural, and for a first time mural, I think it looks decent!!I chose a P-51 Mustang as my plane, due to the simple silhouette. Plane angles constantly drive me crazy!!

Let me know what you think!

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  1. I think the mural looks fair to decent....lol! Just kidding it looks great!