Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ruffle Stuff Skirt

Hooray Hooray! A skirt finally!! I wanted to make this set for my lil sis before church today, so I was up until after 10 last night sewing. I really like how it turned out, and my mom wants me to make some to put up in my Etsy shop. This Ruffle Stuff skirt is made from four different t-shirts. (I save all m y t-shirts that I don't wear anymore for sewing projects because knit is so spendy, but it makes up at least 50% of our wardrobes!)

Here is a pic! I lettuce-edged the bottoms of the ruffles to make them a little more bouncy. When I showed her her outfit this morning she smiled and said, "My wear it Katie?!!!" *sogladyouasked* =D

I made her shirt too, with a chiffon ruffle on the bottom. (See the Princess Joy tag?)

She was so good while I took pics this morning!!!

So natural :) I totally got that shot by accident!!!

Aaaaand here is better pic of the front, I actually remembered the side tag this time-so no seam ripping!!

And the back, I really think the tag makes this skirt!

Thanks Kayla for the Pinspiration for this skirt!! I am pretty sure I am going through a ruffle phase so expect to see more!! 

Thanks for stopping by, now go sew write now!!!

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