Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Okay, so you know those moments that you know are super important?
The ones that you hold on to forever?
Those are awesome.

What about those moments that make you panic inside?
The socially awkward ones?
"Do I push or pull, or, yep, that says pull let's try that now, and hey the door opens!"
Those are the worst.

Oh, how about those moments that make you cringe??
"Yes, I was an impertinent child, thank you ma'am 
for reminding me, I hear your voice condescending me every
time I'm too loud."
Cringe and blush.

Haha, what about the hilarious moments that you wouldn't trade for anything?
"Let's try sledding on our jackets! This will totally work!"
It doesn't. But we tried it several times. Faceplant every time.

Those missed moments?
"Oh that would have been such a good comeback!"
This one is a plague.

Those other missed moments?
The ones that really do plague you?
"If only...."
I think everyone has a few.

Try not to sweat them loves.
We have to come to terms with the fact that we can't reach into the past and 
touch those moments. As much as we'd like to hold those moments,
press them into something different, to change them,
to say something, to listen, to move,
to stay still, to give up, or to gather courage, we can't.

The only moments we can touch are the ones that are coming.
They are racing towards us. Hurling themselves at us.
It's hard to know which ones will affect us later.
There's no way to anticipate the effect of a single, simple action.
People are unpredictable, circumstances are unpredictable,
and therefore, out moments are unpredictable.

Don't fight that though. 

Keep yourself from tripping over the oppressive bundles of moments from
the past, keep looking up. Don't be afraid to open up those
bundles either. Remind yourself how far you've come from
that moment. And press forward, ever forward.
Don't let the past keep you from touching the
moments of the present, because you never know
just who's present you might be touching.
Make it positive.
Let peace and love and hope leave fingerprints
all over the coming moments....


  1. "....but the greatest of these is love." I Corinthians 13:3

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