Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gaining Some Perspective

If you are a Pixar fan you should be thinking about 
Ratatouille right now. And if you aren't,
educate yourself people. 
The Pixar films are awesome. 
I'll wait here, go watch UP.

I'm not actually waiting but whatever, come back when you're done.
Or not, you know, I'm still going to write this....

So, perspective.
I picked some up last weekend.
I was hanging out with a girl friend of mine, and we just
opened to each other about our childhood struggles and 
humorous happenings. "Darn that kid that stole my candy 
on field day in first grade" kind of thing. 
And as we were talking we had a "Freaky Friday" moment.
Without the Chinese food and whole actual switching thing.

See, unless you knew me as a kid, you probably
don't know a whole ton about me, or about the 
"defining moments" in my life that helped make me who I am.
I don't think people are born being who they will be when 
they are 10, 15 or 20. Things happen, things
that change our perspectives. 

But as we were talking, this friend of mine said something that really struck me,
"Wow, I wish I had been raised like you, with younger siblings 
and more responsibility. I wanted to be a tomgirl growing up,
but my dad was always really protective and wouldn't let me
do anything risky."

After I got over my shock, I told her that I 
would have loved to trade places with her, 
to have been comfortable with being more feminine, and not mowing
the yard and lifting weights when I was 13, not 
changing tires in the snow, or climbing under the car to grease the joints. 

But then I thought about it some more.
And I realize now that that wasn't true.
I wouldn't want it to be different.
I like doing those things now.
I like knowing that if I get in a jam, I'm not going to
have to sit on my hands until a guy comes to change my flat.
I like being able to give my opinions on things like
practical conceal carry positions, and my favorite knife brands. 
I like being able to do things for myself, to be 
able to take care of situations that freak other women out.
It's that whole "the more you know, the more you don't know" thing.

 So, I'm not the girliest girl out there.
But I don't have a problem with being a girl that knows 
how to do things that others don't, or things that are "guy-ish".
I guess what I'm saying is, instead of wishing you were like
someone else, be yourself. Learn to like yourself,
and don't change for other people.
You're awesome girls. 
And hey guys, if you're reading this you're cool too.

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