Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Those Book Nerds =/

       Why are books so wonderful? Books have had an almost magical draw for people since they were invented. They are fascinating, they are adventurous, they can make the unknown know through the voice of an author that has been long dead. Most of us recall the lore of the library of Alexandria from our early educations. Most of us have fanned through the spines lined up in a beautiful array at our library, searching for a particular book, or searching for a new favorite, yet to be discovered.

       Books are an incredible transfer of another humans thoughts, emotions, opinions, intellect, and interests, captured on a page. When we submit ourselves to the reality of a book, non-fiction or fiction, we can empathize with the characters, the actions, reactions, situations, and struggles they may have.

       I once read a theory about books, one that I find so interesting. It said that the process we have of getting rid of our books allows the book to transfer hands until it finds it's perfect reader, and thus can allow sympathetic readers connect trough the experience of the book. I know that sounds so existential, and I don't think I go for the personification of the book as much as this theory does, but in one sense it's true. By the buying, selling, trading, and purging of our books we do give others the opportunity to experience the same materials we have, creating a relatable interest.

      One of the most well known books in the world is the Bible. Why is that? There are so many reasons, some historical (like the propagation of missionaries in the 1600s during and following the Age of Exploration) some literary (the Bible is relatable to an extremely wide audience due to the variation of authors and conveyance of timeless struggles that all of mankind can relate to).

     The Bible is also the inspired Word of God. I mean, we can talk about inspired books all day long-most books are inspired by SOMETHING. But how many books can claim that they were inspired by God? Just one. It has so many incredible messages, all culminating and surrounding the redemption of unworthy people like me. A message of grace, one that connects it's readers through the ages, transcending time, distance, and language barriers. Amazing, right?!!!

      So when you meet a book nerd, don't dismiss their love and fascination of books as an antiquated amusement, because books are for so much more than entertainment :)
Happy New Year!!!

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