Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter is a'comin'

Have you ever heard that old Christmas song,
"Christmas Is A'Comin'",
that Bing Crosby sings?

Our family discovered it a couple winters ago, and even the little kids 
love it. They go through the house humsinging parts of it.
"God bless you, gentlemen, God bless you,
if you haven't got a hmmhmmhmm, then God bless you!"

So for Christmas, I usually try to make something for my
sibs. Usually I make PJ's or something, and the open them 
on Christmas Eve and wear them Christmas morning.

But! This year I decided to be ambitious.
So amongst my shop orders, 
curtains for lovely windows ,
and, oh yeah, school,
I decided to make each kiddo a quilt.
A simple quilt,
but still. a quilt.

So! Since my siblings never look at my blog, I have decided to chronicle my 
progress. You are all sworn to secrecy.
Utmost secrecy.

It will be a bit before you see any lovely fabric though,
it is all laying ever so nicely next to my bed in a wicker basket,
waiting to be brought to life.

Until then,
and also 
and maybe a little
I Love Lucy.

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