Monday, November 18, 2013

Long time, no nothing

I know, I know, I totally fail at updates.
But hey, I'm busy, and that's life.

Michael Buble, you can sing your Christmas album into my headphones long.
As long as I don't actually have to see you sing it, because that annoys me.
I mean, you rock the 50's suit, but after that ehhhhhh.....

Back to updating though!!

I got every single piece cut out.

For lil kid #1

So, a striped (say that STRIPE-ed okay, it sounds cooler)  quilt.
Teal, turquoise, gray, blue, red, black, and white.
It's going to have a black backing. 
That way all that white dog hair will show up.

For lil kid #2

A fatter striped quilt, teal, orange, white toothpaste-er turquoise, yellow, green, and gray.
(In case you don't know your colors yet)
With a rockin' lime green back.

for kid #3

So, blocks, and stripes together, the white will be vertical stripes, and the blocks will
stack vertically too. Different pinks, orange etc. 

kid #4

Planes, and stuff. I really like this one. 
See those colors? 
I'm not naming them this time.

Get ready for Christmas peoples.
Cause, they totally started decorating the town already. 
For realz? They didn't even wait until after Thanksgiving-
that's my kind of decorating.

I told my mom, it got chilly for a couple days, and
the decorating committee jumped the gun. 

But hey! It is festive. And that is what counts.



  1. Hey, I'm a fan of Sherlock Holmes, Michael Buble, AND Pride and Prejudice too!! What are the odds? :D So cool.....if your ever NOT busy, we should talk!!

    1. The fabric is for quilts for my sibs for Christmas :) And that is totally awesome that we have some things in common, we must both be terribly cool :lol: