Saturday, May 11, 2013

Curious George Color Mat & Survival T-Shirt

Here is the latest item in my Etsy shop. 
It is a Classic Curious George Inspired Color Blending Mat.

(That is a mouthful isn't it?!)
It has the primary color components underneath, and an
unattached balloon that goes over the top to make the "blended" color.
The kids can self-check by seeing the balloon strings are the same color as 
the balloons on top. 

It is a great lap game for small children ages 2-3, who need to keep busy for a bit!
And this:

is a T-shirt I made with sharpies for a boys birthday yesterday!
Hes LOVES the Survivorman series! 
So I made him this shirt to go along with some camping gear.

Here's the back! I think it turned out pretty good, considering the setup!

I made the design in Microsoft word, and printed it out.

Then, because it was dark outside and there was no light coming through the windows,
I wrapped my computer screen in saran wrap, and taped the page with the design on it
to the saaran wrap, so it wouldn't bleed through onto my screen, or onto the other side of the shirt.

And then I just traced it with a sharpie! 
Pretty easy right?!

Now I gotta make one for one of my sibs! :)

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